Christmas 2018 Holiday Fun In Spokane

Dated: 11/24/2018

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Image titleChristmas Fun in Spokane, WA 2018

The Christmas season is almost here again! And what better place to have the best fun of your winter holidays than in Spokane, Washington! 

As the Christmas spirit hangs pleasantly in the air, we are overwhelmed with different hopes and anticipations—family fun, reunion with loved ones, gifts sharing, and the thrill of holiday events. Whatever your expectations for this Christmas 2018, a few days in Spokane will leave you with fond memories you will always seek a chance to recount to others. 

This guide will help you get the most of your time during this festive period in Spokane. We will show you all the beautiful and fun-filled mecca the Lilac City promises, and make sure you have something to write home about.

Trees and Brunch Festival (Nov 25-28):

Spokane’s Xmas vibes begins around November. The Festival of Trees Brunch (held Nov. 26) is a must-see event that you can enjoy, viewing the trees and helping yourself to the traditional menu of quiche, ham with a brie croissant, fruit salad with champagne vinaigrette and myriad desserts.

Classical Music Renditions:

The Lilac City has so much musical shows to offer you every Xmas period. Whatever your choice of music, the city hosts musical events and concerts to keep you entertained. It invites both local and foreign artists to perform.

Fun at the North Poles:

Wow, I like the sound of this! The waters of the beautiful Lake Coeur d’Alene, resplendent in bright, beautiful lights offer a unique thrill as you sail to the North Pole on a visit to Santa. While you enjoy your tour, it’s advised that you dress properly as the lake can became ice cold sometimes. Overnight gift packages are always available for visitors who want to stay through the night and absorb the city’s unique Christmas spirit.

Kellogg Xmas Lighting:

Image titleIf you are seeking some traditional entertainment in Spokane, then you must make yourself available for this fun-filled festival. 

Mt. Spokane Ski Fun:

 It’s an ideal day for the outdoors! What a perfect time for some memorable family fun! Don’t while away your day indoors when there’s so much fun waiting for you out there. Mount Spokane State Park offers a thrilling holiday event in the form of skiing. To get the best experience, you can go along with several other skiers and snow boarders. In a group setting, you can learn where all the hottest skiing spots are. 

Spokane Symphony:

Whether you are a music lover or not, Spokane’s traditional four-day music concert is certain to spellbind you. The Spokane Symphony is a 38-year music festival that has become a tradition that many eagerly anticipate every year. 

Bing Cosby Film Festival Holiday:

The Bing Cosby Theater offers you an exciting all-day screen Christmas entertainment. Here, you get to watch some Xmas classics on screen, and also see the works of Bing Cosby (who has become so associated with Christmas in Spokane.) The event typically runs all day, so that you get the chance to schedule your time to suit you. This show would normally celebrate the works of Bing Cosby and other Spokane sons. If you have ever heard of White Christmas but haven’t watched it before, this is the right place to view it.

Create an Origami Ornament:

Lol, am sure that sounds strange. Well, an origami ornament can be used to decorate your Christmas tree. This is simply for esthetic purpose, but if you are looking for a sound way to engage your family with a worthwhile self-improvement activity, then this will be ideal. Spokane Public Library's South Hill is a perfect place to do this as you can get quick and easy access to the necessary materials. You also get involved in an interactive origami ornament-making session with local artist instructors. This is more fun than you might think.

12 Ales of Christmas:

What the h*** is that? Easy dear! This is a traditional festival that involves a lot of winter beer drinking.  Coeur d'Alene hosts the Capone's 20th annual celebration that marks the winter holiday with a lot of drinking. The “12” in the name derives from the 12-ounce of alcoholic pours you will be given. Here, there will be competition for the ugliest sweeter and the best drinker. Lots of music will keep the jolly and mirth going forward too. Take-home gift packages will be available, and you will be provided with a taxi home.

Winter Holiday at the Hearth:

The Christmas spirit involves giving and sharing. While we share and exchange goodies with family and friends, we should also remember the less privileged. Spokane has a program whose objective is to help the less privileged—mainly poor women and homeless children. The program holds an annual holiday which welcomes people at the Women’s Hearth facility. These people show love and support for these women in different ways—from friendly interactions with them to gift donations (which are made on a freewill basis.) As you enjoy your Xmas season, you can even reap more benefits by helping another human.

Christ Kitchen Gingerbread Competition:

Another amazing Spokane holiday event, the Lilac City invites local culinary experts to make their best gingerbreads. This annual event welcomes thousands of families to attend and watch this awesome spectacle of a show. Attendees are expected to cast free votes for their favorite creator. Proceeds from the events are used to support the programs and services of local nonprofit Christ Clinic and Christ Kitchen. Attendees also get the chance to make their own piece and take photos with the Gingerbread Man. This culinary event can be so much fun.

Horse-Drawn Carriage Ride in Downtown Spokane:

Image title

Enjoy a horse ride in a horse-drawn carriage—in grand style. To get the most of this experience, you can grab a pack of eatables or hot soft drink, while cuddling up with your spouse. For a little fee, you can cruise around the brightly designed Lilac City on an ideal Christmas Eve. Free rides are available on Fridays from 3 pm to 8pm; and on weekends, from 12 noon to 5 pm.

Spokane’s New Year’s Eve: Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony (31st December):

This remarkable event became a classic Spokane holiday tradition about 12 years ago after the great conductor Eckart Preu brought it to a New Year’s Eve rendition. The Beethoven’s Ninth is a perfect classic to usher you into the New Year. Hello 2019!

First Night Spokane (1st January):

A great way to spend this night is outdoors (if it’s your thing). But there’s a Spokane way to spend it—the Spokane’s First Night annual celebration. This is indeed a time of easing up, with so much jolly and mirth to go forward. Here, the tradition offers opportunity for a Spokane style of celebration which largely involves the arts.

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