‘Ohana Realty Group – Coming from contribution

We believe in something that we call “Coming from contribution”, a concept derived from the generous culture of the native people of Hawai’i. Through this mentality we have gained the trust and loyalty of our customer base and their appreciation for our willingness to put their needs before our own. We believe that if we always do the right thing and that if we give without any expectation of return, we will be successful in both our professional and personal lives.

Our CEO and Founder came to form our company as he sought another career after selling his interest in a restaurant venture. He originally moved to the Pacific Northwest from Hawai’i after learning of an opportunity to give his mother the same gift that she once gave him. Shortly after beginning his college education, he was informed that his mother had been diagnosed with a degenerative liver disease and that he was the only person in the family that was a perfect match to be a living donor candidate.

He promptly moved to Spokane, WA to meet up with his recently relocated family. His mother, father and sister had moved to Spokane six months prior to his arrival to be closer to the transplant center in Denver, Colorado. After he joined them in Spokane, he and his mother went through rigorous testing to ensure a successful living donor transplant. At the time, around one in five hundred living donor transplants experienced fatal complications, so his family chose to have one last Christmas together just to be safe. This turned out to be a blessing as they received a call from the transplant center just three weeks before Christmas to inform them of a recently deceased donor who had a matching liver for his mother. This was the best possible scenario because he became a “backup” for her should she experience organ rejection after receiving her new liver and the highest probability of rejection typically occurs in the first year after transplant. This caused him to stick around in the Pacific Northwest for a few more years and he quickly took up roots in Spokane.

Fast forward 15 years and he now owns a thriving real estate brand which employs both his mother as an administrator and his father as one of our top agents. This experience is part of what inspired him to implement the family values which are evident throughout the company and which all of our associates have committed to live by.